Can I Put a Yoga Mat in the Washing Machine?

Yoga Mat in the Washing Machine

A yoga mat is a tough surface to clean. It can be difficult because of the texture and where people use it. Yogis typically bring their mats along when they go hiking, camping, to the beach for outdoor activities “and even to take naps.”

Can I Put a Yoga Mat in the Washing Machine? No, If you absolutely must wash your mat in the washing machine, do not put it on high heat and do not put it in the dryer. You may also need to use a few towels or rags and sprinkle them with baking soda to make sure your mat is completely dry before use.

Where Should I Put My Yoga Mat?

You should always try to clean your mat after each use. They can collect a lot of bacteria from your feet, which carry a lot of odor. It is best to put your mat in a place outside where it can get some air. Opt for an area like a balcony, porch, or rooftop where the sun will dry your mat quickly and thoroughly before you need to use it again.

Also, look for shade when possible since direct sunlight on the mat has been known to break down its materials over time.

How Often Should You Clean a Yoga Mat?

With everyday use, you should consider cleaning your mat at least once a week. Keep in mind that if it is covered with sand and grit from the beach or outdoors, you may need to clean it two times a week.

Many dirt, sweat, oil, and bacteria accumulate on the mat over time which creates an unsanitary surface. A yoga mat is tough to clean by hand because of the tough texture. There are also many different types of mats, each needing a different type of cleaning.

The best way to wash a mat is by wiping it down with a damp cloth and hanging it in the shade until dry. If you need your mat to be disinfected, put one cup of vinegar in the tub and add the Mat for 10 minutes.

Take care not to leave your mat soaking in water or bleach because that will cause it to weaken over time.

How to Deep Clean a Yoga Mat

To deep clean, a yoga mat, remove it from the bag, lightly scrub both sides with water and dish soap, rinse well with warm water, and hang to dry in a ventilated area. Make sure your mat is completely dry before using it again.

Some people like to use natural cleaners like baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, or tea tree oil to clean their mats instead of chemicals, but there are no studies that show these methods work better than chemically cleaning your mat.

You can also purchase a yoga mat spray and wipe down your mat with it after each use. This will help keep the germs away.

More Yoga Mat Cleaning Tips

  • Don’t apply oils directly to the mat because the oil will make your mat slippery.
  • Don’t leave your mat in direct sunlight because it may warp over time.
  • Wipe down your yoga mat after each use, if possible, with just water and a clean towel. This is by far the best way to get rid of germs on your mats between deep cleans.
  • If you don’t have time to wipe down your mat after each use, at least try to do it once a week for deep cleaning between uses or if you are sick.
  • To put the finishing touch on your mat, apply the essential oil of choice to both sides of the yoga mat with a fresh dry towel before storing it so it smells nice.
  • Avoid placing your mat on a public shower floor, as it can get slippery if you use soap.
  • If your mat becomes slippery from essential oils or lotions, scrub the area with baking soda and water to reduce the slickness.
  • Clean yoga mats are healthy yoga mats that won’t pass germs onto others. After all, don’t you want